Chittagong Port

Chittagong Sea Port’ (Deepwater Seaport) is the largest seaport in Bangladesh. Which is located by the estuary of the Karnaphuli River in Patenga, near the city of Chittagong? Most of the export and import (manufactured products -especially ready-made garments, raw materials and to a lesser extent passengers) of the country are handled via Chittagong Sea Port.
About Chittagong Port
Geographical location: Geographical location: Situated at the right bank of river Karnaphuli at a distance of about 9 nautical miles from the shore of “Bay of Bengal”.
Width: Navigational Channel (5.49 M Contour) varies from place to place.
  • General Cargo Berths : 10 nos
  • Container Berths : 06 nos
Navigation Info
Max permissible draft range from 8.50 Meter to 9.20 Meter
LOA: 188 Meter
Pilotage is compulsory
Night navigation is restricted to the Vessels having 153 Meter Length Overall
24 Hours prior notice is required for scheduling the berthing of vessels.