Port of Mongla

Mongla Sea Port is the most Eco-friendly port and Second Sea Port in Bangladesh. situated on the southwestern part of the country at the confluence of Pussur River and Mongla Nulla approximately 71 nautical miles (131 Km.) upstream of the Bay of Bengal. The Mongla Sea Port is Protected by the Sundarbans (the largest mangrove forest- declared as ‘World Heritage’ in 1997 by the UNESCO).
Located 45km away from Khulna City which is the commercial hub of Mongla Port. Most of the reefer exporters are located in Khulna and surrounding areas. Mongla Port is normally used by the reefer shippers to export their merchandise to all over the World. There is very good reefer containers storage facility with round the clock power supply facilities.
Regular fortnightly feeder vessel calling with reefer plug points facilities.
Reefer shipments are much voluminous than Chittagong Port during season.
Excellent road communication between Khulna City and Mongla Port.
Mongla Port is also capable of handling Deep Draught Vessel.
Port Timing and Holidays are the same as Chittagong Port.